From Your MLA: Edmonton-Glenora

Sarah Hoffman, MLA Edmonton-Glenora

I want to thank you for electing me once again to serve the Canora and Britannia Youngstown neighbourhoods as the MLA for Edmonton-Glenora. It’s an honour to have earned your trust, and I promise to work hard to ensure your voices are heard in Alberta’s Legislature. 

Alberta’s economy is in trouble. As of March, our province has lost 46,000 full-time jobs since Jason Kenney and the UCP government chose to give a $4.7B handout to profitable corporations. They have cancelled programs and investments that helped create 30,000 jobs, and Albertans are being hit with a cruel budget full of cuts to vital public services, including several that Jason Kenney specifically promised he wouldn’t make.

Budget 2020 breaks Jason Kenney’s campaign promise to protect frontline healthcare by cutting hospitals, diagnostic scans, public health, and senior’s drug benefits. This budget cuts $135 million from hospitals, and directs resources away from family doctors to pad the profits of private surgical clinics. The government has launched an attack on family medicine that doctors say will profoundly impact primary care. This budget is also a continued attack on seniors; this government is cutting $72 million from the senior’s drug plan by kicking 60,000 Albertans off the plan and considering new out-of-pocket costs on those who remain. This government is ushering in American-style health care and creating chaos in our system.

Jason Kenney and the UCP promised to protect education, but their 2019 budget cut $136M from school districts. The 2020-21 Government Estimates also show a $118M cut to the education system (p. 79). This means larger class sizes and less support for students with special needs. Parents are also getting hit with hundreds of dollars in unexpected school fees. 

These are just a few of the ways that working families are paying for this government’s $4.7 billion corporate handout. 

Hearing your concerns is a critical part of working together to make our province stronger. I will continue to work for you to make sure all Albertans have the means to live and support their families with dignity, to maintain your access to quality public healthcare and education, and to support local businesses in a diversified economy. 

Sarah Hoffman, MLA Edmonton-Glenora
Constituency Office: #201, 12408 108 Avenue

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