From Your MLA: Edmonton-Riverview

Lori Sigurdson, MLA Edmonton-Riverview

Congratulations to SPANN on your inaugural issue! I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with readers. A big shout out to community members of Glenwood, West Jasper Place, and Sherwood. These areas are in the provincial constituency of Edmonton-Riverview, which I have the honour to represent.

Lots has happened on the provincial front over the past year. We have experienced significant job losses along with cuts to public programs. Many Albertans are concerned about the challenging economic times and decreasing supports available. I share your concerns. The NDP Caucus continues to fight for diversification in our economy and strong public programs. We know our reliance on the oil and gas industry makes us vulnerable to price shocks. 

In early March, the price of West Texas Intermediate plummeted. This means lower royalties for our provincial coffers without a cushion as we are still so reliant on this industry. At times like these, this government needs to step up and stimulate the economy as industry doesn’t have the resources to do so. Investing in a robust capital plan creates jobs for workers that have been laid off. However, we are seeing our provincial government restrict spending and lay off thousands of workers. This is only making a bad situation worse. Additionally, the public programs we count on are experiencing budget reductions. Less supports in our schools, hospitals, and communities are the new normal. It does not need to be this way. All governments have choices. The current government is choosing to support wealthy corporations with their $4.7 billion tax give-away, instead of supporting regular Albertans. You deserve better! Our NDP caucus is fighting for what matters to you!

My constituency office is located on 149th Street and 92 Avenue, just south of the Stony Plain Road Revitalization area. Please be in touch regarding any questions or concerns with provincial programs. My staff and I are committed to supporting you navigate these programs and have your voices heard. Also, please reach out to my office regarding events at your schools, community leagues, businesses, and other organizations. I would love to attend. To connect, email me at or phone 780-414-0719.

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