Jasper Place Revitalization Update (April 2020)

Jason Klinck

Hello Jasper Place. My name is Jason and I’m the City of Edmonton’s Revitalization Coordinator for the four neighbourhoods of Jasper Place: Canora, Glenwood, West Jasper Place/Sherwood, and Britannia-Youngstown.

In Revitalization, we support the development of a community vision and plan, through working together with local citizens, businesses, and agencies. This could involve building connections between people, increasing safety, promoting the local economy, and beautifying the neighbourhood.

The Revitalization program began in Jasper Place back in 2008. Since then, many improvements have been made to the community, especially to its infrastructure. This included the streetscaping of Stony Plain Road, building of plazas on 152 Street, and the purchase of the Orange Hub from Grant MacEwan. Most recently, after a two-year community engagement, Butler Park has been redesigned and construction will begin this spring.

In early 2019, a new Stakeholders Committee was struck to begin planning a new phase for Jasper Place with more focus on how people are connected to one another. The group has members from community, agencies, and businesses, and identified three priority areas to start:

  • Engaging more people to get involved.
  • Building more ways to communicate what’s going on.
  • Activating places within our community.

Since then, several projects have begun to fulfill these directions. Thirteen community projects alone were funded through Matching Funds by Revitalization in 2019 across eight different community organizations. Here is a sample of some of them that were completed last year or are beginning in 2020:

  • Community Connections Project – trained eight local community residents to engage more than 100 residents in Jasper Place, and built an asset map of individual and collective strengths.
  • SPANN community newspaper – you’re reading it! This project refreshed the former SPURR publication as a way to let people know what’s going on, get critical information out, and feature positive stories about the people of Jasper Place.
  • Community Space – exploring opportunities to activate and transform open spaces at the Orange Hub into community living rooms, and to use vacant lots along Stony Plain Road for community gardens.
  • Events – Kids on Track hosted several youth leadership projects and events (Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner, and puppet show). Jasper Place Wellness Centre hosted the Big Picture and Holly Jolly Christmas. The Canora Park Watch held five events at St. Anne Park, and the Stony Plain Road Business Association hosted the Storefront Cinema.
  • Walls of Colour – a mural project that will include Filipino, Syrian, and Latin communities.
  • International Kitchen – collective cooking where each month one community member or business shares and cooks their recipe with the group.
  • Jasper Place History Project – documenting the untold stories of Jasper Place as a “migrant city.”

There has been a lot of progress made and much more to come. We are always looking for more participation from the community through projects, committee, and ideas, so please contact me if you’d like to be involved at jason.klinck@edmonton.ca

Jason is the Neighbourhood Revitalization Coordinator for Jasper Place.

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