Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association Update

Todd Janes

I am excited to contribute to our new publication. SPANN (Stony Plain Road & Area News Network) is the result of a number of conversations, as well as plans to reconnect with communities. We benefit from much of the previous work done with the former publication, SPURR. We also benefit from the labour of a number of people who previously worked towards a better Jasper Place. 

It’s appropriate that this new publication comes together with a renewed commitment to community development, with several new players and people with a strong history of this part of Edmonton. I would like to thank Diane Kereluk (my predecessor), Jamie Post (Glenwood Community League), and Jason Klinck (City of Edmonton/Jasper Place Revitalization) for starting a dialogue about a revival of a community-based newspaper for our area – the beginnings of what has become SPANN. Huge thanks to the City of Edmonton through Neighbourhood Revitalization and the Jasper Place Revitalization Strategy for their support of resources for this pilot year.  

SPANN is one of the many changes for the Stony Plain Road & Area Business Improvement Area over the coming months. I am excited about what we have in the works. Place-building and community development are large components of what BIAs do. Much of this is grounded on a brand, including ideas and thoughts we associate with a business area. Stony Plain Road & Area BIA has engaged with a communications firm to help move us through a branding process. This will be a cornerstone of how we work, as well as the programs, services, and events we produce. It will be a new opportunity for your BIA to begin branding our business area, and to align with strategies that will support and encourage business and communities to congregate. It will afford our area to support existing businesses and to attract new businesses that want a well-connected, walkable area with affordable rents and space to grow their businesses. SPANN and other communication platforms will create opportunities for dialogue around our activities to support communities over the next year.

The Board of Directors and I have been working on strategies and goals for the coming year. In our proposed plan for 2020, we are building new approaches and structures to create positive branding of Stony Plain Road & Area, and to create opportunities to bring increased traffic and customers to this area. These strategies will have goals focused around:

– increasing human-scale positive interactions at street level;

– increasing perception of safety and security;

– empowering business members and owners in being agents of positive change;

– expanding opportunities to feel proud and included in our BIA;

– enhancing opportunities for members to build partnerships and become more engaged and aware;

– increasing the positive perceptions of our BIA and attract more businesses to locate to the area;

– raising the profile of the Stony Plain Road BIA  as a walkable, eclectic, and desirable area; 

– illustrating through actions that we are a positive resource for our members; and,

– engaging in meaningful conversations about what we are building on Stony Plain Road & Area.

I would like to invite you to reach out to me if you would like to talk more about becoming involved in our organization and what we are building together. Feel free to call me at 780-477-5169 or send me an email:

Todd Janes is the Executive Director with the Stony Plain Road Business Association.

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