Editor’s Notes: June 2020

Paula E. Kirman

Thank you for joining us for the second issue of SPANN. We received a lot of positive feedback about our April issue.

Publishing that first issue was an interesting experience. Edmonton went into lockdown mode just as we were ready to head to the printer. As a result, the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t really addressed, other than our note to readers on the front page.

What we said then still holds true. We want SPANN to be a way of connecting the community in a time when we are forced to isolate and be physically distant from each other. We hope that these pages will help us all feel a little closer, which is why this issue we have a loose theme of Connecting.

Even though all community events are cancelled, we still have a wide range of news and information about things happening the community, as well as updates from our organizations, community leagues, and elected officials.

Have you checked out our website? At thespann.ca you can sign up for our e-newsletter. Please also join us on social media, where we post current information relevant to the area the paper serves. We’re @spannjasperplace on Facebook and Instagram, and @thespannjp on Twitter.

For questions and comments, as well as information on how to contribute, contact me at spanneditor@gmail.com.

Our next editorial deadline is August 12th. Stay safe and well, and see you in September!

Please note: Government guidelines for COVID-19 are constantly evolving, and readers are advised to consult the relevant AHS websites for up-to-date information as to whether any activity is deemed safe and lawful. 

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