Bringing the Pub Home

Delicious delivery from P.M. Lounge.

P.M. Lounge
10672 156 Street

Medium veggie pizza from P.M. Lounge.
Medium veggie pizza from P.M. Lounge.
Photo Credit: Paula E. Kirman

Paula E. Kirman

I avoided doing take out or delivery after self-isolation and social distancing began, until early May. It was my own choice. However, I was hearing reports that pick-up and take-out was safe, and many people I know were continuing to enjoy food from their favourite restaurants.

My desire for pizza eventually got the best of me, but I didn’t want anything from a chain. I wanted something local and different. In scouring listings for restaurants in the Jasper Place/Stony Plain Road area offering delivery on SkipTheDishes, I came upon P.M. Lounge, a pub in the area.

I ordered a 12-inch (medium) veggie pizza. I was going to order only a 10 inch, but I was sharing with another person and didn’t think it would be enough. How wrong I was. Three people could have eaten from what arrived. Thick, with a doughy crust and piled high with toppings, this pizza really satisfied. Not only was it overloaded with gooey mozzarella cheese, but with generous amounts of mushrooms, black olives, fresh tomatoes, green pepper, pineapple, and onion. I usually don’t like onion on pizza because I find the flavour dominates. In this case, the proportion was just enough for it to make its presence known without taking over. The pizza sauce had a distinctively sweet taste (which I enjoyed), and the crust was chewy and could mostly withstand the mountain of toppings.

The fries were excellent. Truth be told, it was so long since I had fries (other than the kind you heat up at home yourself), that the act of putting the first one into my mouth sent me hurtling towards ecstasy. The portion was generous for the $5.95 they cost (I see a theme here of goodly portions), and they were crispy, not greasy, and with just enough salt.

Both of the boxes that arrived on my doorstep were sealed with tape, something needed and welcome as an extra measure during our current situation.

P.M. Lounge has a menu of many foods one would expect from a pub: wings (including boneless), burgers, chicken fingers, and fish and chips (which seems to be frequently sold out – I take that as a good sign), but also a donair, lasagna, steak sandwich, clubhouse sandwich, and, of course, many different kinds of pizza.

Overall, I was very impressed with the food I had from P.M. Lounge. I would definitely place an order again, and am looking forward to checking the place out in person.

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