Canora Park Watch

Deckla Lindgren
Canora Park Watch Coordinator

Canora Park Watch is a volunteer, community-driven organization that began over 12 years ago. It began as a collaborative response with the City of Edmonton Police Department, Parks and Recreation, and Social Services together with members of the community to create safe, welcoming park spaces in our neighbourhood. Our mission statement is “To Create Community Through People, Parks and Programs.”

With our neighbourhood parks being a great community asset for all, the aim of our committee is to animate our parks with positive events and to discourage the negative activity that was taking place in them. Canora Park Watch has successfully hosted annual events every year that are always well-attended and enjoyed by not only the residents of Canora, but also those in surrounding areas. The events are all family friendly and free. As a result, these events have encouraged residents to come out and enjoy our parks throughout the year, creating a stronger sense of community.

Given the protective response to COVID-19, our annual Easter Egg Hunt (April 11) and Mini Carnival (May 24) were cancelled. Depending on when AHS protocols are lifted, there is a great possibility that Fitness in the Park (June 20) may also be cancelled. It is our hope we will be through this pandemic soon and our annual events will resume with a Scavenger (September 5) and our “Meet the Police Night” at the Canora Community Hall later in September (TBD).

As a committee, moving forward, we will be exploring options to offer events in our parks once the AHS protocols are lifted, in response to those events that were cancelled. Watch for the signs! Come out and join us. We are always looking for new ideas, suggestions, and volunteers to get involved in helping carry on this great project. If you have any questions, or would like to get involved, please feel free to contact me at

Deckla Lindgren is the Canora Park Watch Coordinator.

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