Community League Update: Canora (June 2020)

Today, I sit in front of my computer to write a piece for the SPANN and think of the last couple of months. What a change with COVID-19. We went from not really having a care in the world, where we didn’t have to really plan or think of where we were going or doing, to having to stop and think of what we are doing, when, and why. It has affected many people in many different ways. Some have lost love ones and our prayers go out to you. Some have lost your jobs or have had your hours reduced. And some have had to communicate with loved ones at a distance. It makes us ask, “What is really important?”

At the community hall we are doing lots of cleaning and small repairs. We will be ready for the opening of the hall when AHS tell us that we can.

Summer Playground Program (“Green Shack”)

The playground program (Green Shack) is suspended for this coming summer. The city will be refunding the community contribution that we so graciously offered – that support was much appreciated. We look forward to having the Green Shack next summer.

Outward Bound Day Camp

The day camp planned at Canora Community League will not be offered this summer.

They are looking at day camp options at City facilities to determine whether they can operate safely within provincial guidelines. A thank you was sent to the leagues that were providing their community halls to support their day camp programming.

Please check the City’s site which relaunches on Monday, May 11th, for facility and program updates.

We have the clean-up kits from the City that we can lend out to people who wish to help Canora keep its streets and walks clean of litter. Email to book one.

This year’s unique set of circumstances with COVID-19 has made it necessary for us to communicate the postponing and changing of our AGM. The AGM will be held on June 28, 2020. If permitted, it will be held in our community hall in person, with what provisions that AHS provides. If not, it will be a virtual meeting using a program you can sign in to, or by telephone with a number that we provide you with. If you would like to attend this meeting, please email providing your name and email address.

On behalf of the Canora Community League Board we wish everyone a very safe summer.

Be Safe and protect yourself and others.

Tony, President

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