How Ocean Odyssey Inland Stays Afloat During COVID-19

Ocean Odyssey quote.

For Ocean Odyssey Inland, located at 10019 167St NW, the stormy seas of a pandemic have not gone unnoticed. The store has been in the Stony Plain Road Area for over 15 years. Patricia Batten founded Ocean Odyssey Inland in 2001, after meeting Steve Bligh, Captain of the Ocean Odyssey Fishing Vessel. Steve expressed his difficulty in getting his troll-caught BC salmon onto the plates of Canadians. Batten, always on the lookout for a good idea, seized the opportunity to sell quality wild salmon to Edmontonians. Thus, Ocean Odyssey Inland was born! 

Flashforward to 2020, General Manager Daniel Letourneau, shares Batten’s passion for Ocean Odyssey Inland. Letourneau, a chef by trade, spent his youth fishing walleye in Northern Ontario. When he moved to Edmonton he was introduced to Batten through a mutual friend, and there he found a business owner that was like-minded. Letourneau brought his food knowledge and love of fishing to Ocean Odyssey Inland and its growing customer base! 

Despite the recent societal shift that came with COVID-19, Ocean Odyssey Inland has maintained strong retail sales and have found ways to add value to their customer’s shopping experience. 

“We have adapted by pooling our collective ingenuity to keep our customers safe, while providing quality fish and seafood to our community,” states Letourneau, “It hasn’t been easy, but we are committed to serving as best we can.”

A few ways Ocean Odyssey Inland has adapted to COVID-19 includes: 

  • Offering free styrofoam coolers and ice packs for anyone needing to keep their products cold during transportation. 
  • Offering surface sanitizer for $2/each, and donating $1 of each sanitizer purchased to the Edmonton Food Bank.
  • Developing a robust cleaning/sanitizing regimen to ensure the safety of their customers.
  • Only allowing 3 customers in the store at any given time. 
  • Offering curbside pickup for anyone wanting to maintain social distancing. 
  • Launching home delivery for immunity-compromised customers and travellers self-isolating upon re-entry into the Country. 

“It’s easy to remain positive when everything is going well, it’s another matter entirely when you experience turbulence when COVID-19 became a reality in Edmonton,” states Letourneau. 

Ocean Odyssey Inland has managed to stay positive by keeping things light in the shop. They have been sharing food, taking on creative projects, and contributing a little differently to the success of the shop. And while there are moments of doubt, Letourneau tells us that he has a wonderful team to remind him that we are all in this together! 

Letourneau left us with this statement, 

“Supporting local businesses during this difficult time will ensure the long-term health of individual residents, and the communities they serve. It’s literally an act of love.”

Ocean Odyssey Inland is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To see products available, you can visit their website here. To place an order, the store can be contacted at 780.930.1901.

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