Get to Know Your Stony Plain Road & Area: Meet Don Oldeguard

Don Oldeguard

We spoke with Don Oldeguard (64) and his cat, Manny, to discuss his important role right here in the Stony Plain Road Area!  Don’s roles include cleaning up the area from city streets to gutters. It’s not his role to clean up business parking lots but he mentions that his rule is that if he can reach in a parking lot and grab something with his arm he’ll clean it up! Don has worked with the BIA for 7 years now, and tells us that it’s just an honour for him to return every year.

“I just do my little part for the area,” states Don who is invested in the well-being of the Stony Plain Road & Area as it is where he lives. 

Don goes out about three times a week to clean up the streets in the area walking almost 12 km some days. If he happens across a major problem, Don reaches out to 311 to report it, and he prides  himself on not leaving anything unturned. On days that Don isn’t working he still goes out for walks and his cat keeps him busy as well! 

A message Don has for the people in the Stony Plain Road area is that he would like them to be more aware and cautious when it comes to littering. He’s seen people throw things out the window of their cars and has found a surprisingly large amount of clothing littered on the ground this year, around 240lbs! In addition to car litter and clothing, this year has been especially bad for PPE litter. While Don is masked and gloved up himself, when people throw their used PPE on the ground, it just means that he or someone else has to come into contact with it to clean it up. It defeats the purpose. 

The next time you see Don out and about on his route don’t forget to say hi and brighten his day! He will be out and about the area from May to September!

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