Glenora Square One Coffee Set to Open Soon!

During this pandemic, businesses all over the Stony Plain Road Area have been impacted in different ways. For Square One Coffee, they were in the midst of opening their newest location in Glenora (Unit 140 – 14055 West Block Drive NW) when COVID-19 hit. The location was set to open in early spring of 2020. However, due to the pandemic, it slowed the opening process down and they had to stop building for 6 weeks. 

“It was initially kinda crazy and we didn’t know what was going to happen,” owner, Jonathon Bronzy tells us, “Luckily, we were able to stay going, but we would have been open already without the pandemic.” 

Square One Coffee has another location in Aspen Gardens and had one in the Premium Outlet Collection EIA, which closed in January. According to Bronzy, the outlet mall location wasn’t the right fit for Square One Coffee. 

“It’s about the community and that’s why when we found out about the Glenora location, it was a fit for what we want,” states Bronzy. 

Square One Coffee is excited to be able to continue working on their location and are hoping to open the doors to their Glenora location as early as June. Customers will be able to order a variety of craft beers from Alberta and the rest of Canada, in addition to delicious regular café drinks.  

A unique feature to Square One Coffee is their open mic, showcasing local Edmonton talent! The café’s open mic started off as a fluke at their Aspen Garden’s location, when someone asked if they could pick on their guitar and customers loved it! A professor at the University of Alberta now arranges the open mic and it has built its own community. In fact, during COVID-19 when Square One Coffee was temporarily closed, the café started getting tagged in Square One Open Mic videos that were happening via Zoom. 

In addition to giving a platform to Edmonton’s local talent, Square One Coffee likes to support local by selling local products like mittens in the winter. 

“Local people are supporting us and we pass it on to some of the smaller local businesses around,” says Bronzy. 

To stay up to date with the opening of the Glenora Square One Coffee location you can visit their website and social media accounts: 




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