Aachy’s Chettinad Dosa and Curry Palace

Spicing Up Stony Plain Road

Dosa and dips. Photo by Paula E. Kirman.

Paula E. Kirman

Aachy’s Chettinad Dosa and Curry Palace
15525 Stony Plain Road

The word “Aachy” in southern India means “grandmothers.” Aachy’s Chettinad Dosa and Curry Palace seeks to present authentic South Indian cuisine to Stony Plain Road and beyond, including a huge selection of vegetarian dishes.

My curiosity about trying the food got the best of me, and I ordered in. Dosa is an Indian crepe made from a fermented rice and lentil batter, served with a variety of fillings and dips. I had the Masala Dosa, which was stuffed with flavourful potato and onions. My accompanying dips were also vegetarian and included flavours of mint, tomato, and coconut. The crepe itself was crispy and chewy, and a lot of fun to eat. The meal was also served with a bowl of sambar, which is a type of lentil soup.

Aachy’s also has a variety of vegetarian, chicken, beef, and mutton curries and entrees. I tried the Chettinad Mushrooms. Chettinad refers to the cooking style of a region in South India. I can honestly say I have never tasted anything like this before. The rich, dark sauce was packed with mushrooms, and had a very complex flavour. It was aromatic and spicy, with subtle hints of sweetness.

The menu also has several kinds of rice and bread. I went with the cheese naan, which I thought would be filled with paneer, but instead was more like a thin grilled cheese sandwich. The creaminess complemented the spiciness of the Chettinad Mushrooms.

Prices for most of the dosas and main dishes are in the $11-$16 range, which is very reasonable. The size of the dosa in particular was huge. I am already planning which one to have next, and would love to drop by for lunch in person at another time.

Delivery is available via DoorDash and SkipTheDishes.

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