Editor’s Notes: September 2020

Resilience: Keeping Our Community Strong

Paula E. Kirman

If there has ever been a time this century for a community to demonstrate resilience, that time is now.

COVID-19 has changed the way most of us live, work, learn, and shop. The pandemic continues, but the economy is slowly recovering. Here in Stony Plain Road/Jasper Place, new businesses are opening their doors for the first time, while others have already pivoted to accommodate AHS regulations and still be able to meet the needs of customers.

Some people joke on social media that the last few months have felt like Christmas every day, while posting photos of all of the empty boxes from the deliveries of merchandise to their homes. Many of those boxes are from popular online companies, attractive because of low prices, fast delivery, and the availability of items.

However, as the economy continues to slowly open, there are more opportunities to keep our money where it belongs: in our community. Many Stony Plain Road and area businesses, both independent and bigger chains, offer delivery and/or curbside pick up. If you need something, why not see if there is a store or restaurant nearby that offers what you desire first? Before you head to that multi-billion dollar website, or order take-in from somewhere across the city, check out the Stony Plain Road BIA’s Business Directory: https://stonyplainroadbia.ca/business-directory/.

The Stony Plain Road and Jasper Place area is indeed resilient. As someone who grew up in the west end just a few blocks away, I have seen first-hand how the area has grown, improved, and thrived over the decades. If businesses in the area continue to do well, then others will set up shop here, and the area will grow even stronger.

The pandemic is far from over. Our businesses need your support now more than ever. Let’s continue to support the area with our hearts – and our wallets.

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