Signs of progress a common sight on Valley Line West LRT route

A contractor removes a building from the Valley Line West LRT route as the City prepares for full construction on the line to begin in 2021.
Photo courtesy City of Edmonton.

As we get closer to beginning full construction of the Valley Line West LRT in 2021, you can expect to see the Stony Plain Road business area bustling with activity this construction season. Most of that work is focused on two key activities: building removals and underground utility relocations.

Building Removals: Happening now until the end of our construction season in 2020

We’re removing vacant buildings from City-owned properties to make way for future construction and incoming LRT infrastructure along the Valley Line West route. This work began at the end of June and will continue until the snow starts flying.

The City is in the process of removing four buildings along Stony Plain Road and 142 Street, and the work will shift to landscaping the vacant lots later this year. We’ll be removing four more buildings along Stony Plain Road and 151 Street, and another at 155 Street and Stony Plain Road. These removals will begin in late August and continue into the fall. Before the removals begin, crews will fence off the property and complete assessments and abatement to remove any hazardous materials. After the removals are completed, the sites are backfilled to ground level and landscaped.

Utility Relocations: Happening now until 2021

EPCOR crews will be working on Stony Plain Road at 156 Street and 143 Street to bury overhead power lines and install new electrical infrastructure. The work is expected to begin in early fall and end in late fall, though timelines may change.

It’s a busy time for the Valley Line West LRT and the City is excited to bring this transformational project to Edmontonians. Stay up to date on all the latest project updates by visiting

Questions about LRT expansion?

The City is always available to help with any questions or concerns that you may have about LRt construction Please contact the LRT projects information centre by email ( or by leaving a voicemail at 780-496-4874.

Article submitted by the City of Edmonton.

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