Canora Park Watch – December 2020

Deckla Lindgren, Canora Park Watch Coordinator

The summer of 2020 is officially over. As we move into the fall and winter, we approach the ending of what has been an unusual year. Nothing felt normal or appeared to be the same as in previous years. As a result, Canora Park Watch was unable to host any of our annual community events.

During this past year we have missed the opportunity to connect with old friends and neighbours. We also missed meeting the new residents of Canora and getting to know them.

With everyone staying healthy and following health protocols – keep your fingers crossed – starting in the spring of 2021 we will again be able to host our community events, starting with our Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Canora Park Watch would like to wish everyone a healthy holiday season. Stay positive, keep calm, and, most of all, be kind.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2021.

Deckla is the Canora Park Watch Coordinator.

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