Cumming’s Corner: Update from Edmonton Centre (December 2020)

James Cumming, MP, Edmonton Centre

James Cumming

As a kid growing up in Edmonton, I quickly learned the importance of local business in creating a vibrant community, and it was cemented through my commutes to work.

Stony Plain Road was the transit hub for the city.

I used to take the J7 bus, transfer to the number 1 bus, and make my way to the Edmonton Exhibition where I worked.

The best part of my commute was feeling a part of the action and witnessing the impact of local businesses along Stony Plain Road.

The area was a major thoroughfare bustling with commercial activity. There were hundreds of people walking in and out of local shops, families gathering to enjoy a beautiful day, and people walking down the streets and stopping to say hello to their neighbour.

But the memories I have are vastly different from today.

Today, hundreds of local businesses in our community are struggling to keep their doors open, they need our support now more than ever. I am asking all of you to please support your local businesses.

Nearly 70% of Canadians work for a small business and every dollar they earn keeps Canadians employed. It’s critical for our economic recovery from COVID-19.

Not only do we need to buy local, but Government needs to provide businesses the support they deserve.

In November, a motion put forth by the Conservatives passed in the House of Commons. The Government must pause their audits on small and medium sized businesses until June 2021.

We will continue to advocate for additional flexibility in the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy, the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, and other support programs.

The Government needs to continue to support small business and hard-working Canadians by increasing access to affordable internet.

Seemingly overnight our entire lives transitioned into a new digital world. Millions are working from home, loved ones connect through video chat, students are learning through virtual classrooms, and our everyday essentials are one click away.

Thousands across Canada are pleading for help to be able to participate in the new digital economy. Canada has some of the highest internet prices in the world which is highlighting inequalities in our country.

A student should not be left behind because they can’t afford the internet to attend virtual classes. A senior should not be left behind because they can’t afford to connect to the online resources they need. No Canadian should be left behind.

I have been meeting with various network and telecommunications technology providers to discuss private sector led, innovative solutions to address this issue as quickly as possible. To support our communities, we must ensure all Canadians have access to affordable high-speed internet.

Canada is the strongest and most capable country in the World. I know that if we put our heads together and work hard we can overcome any challenge. I will continue to fight for you in Ottawa and make sure your voice is heard.

As your representative in Edmonton Centre, I am here to assist you in navigating through various supports to help you through this pandemic.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these programs, or if you need assistance with federal programs and programs such as EI, CRA, Veterans Affairs, CPP/OAS, or Immigration Canada, please reach out to my office or visit my website at

Constituency Office:
11156 142 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5M 4G5

James Cumming is the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre, which includes the neighbourhoods of Canora and West Jasper/Sherwood.

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