Do Local Good: Join the Community Response to Poverty

Interior of wooden pantry with products for cooking. Adult woman taking kitchenware and food from the shelves.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit our region, it did more than just force us to change the way we do things. Everyday activities like grocery shopping, doctor visits, school, childcare, visits with grandparents, travel, work, and social gatherings all had to be done differently. But it also forced us to change the way we see things.

There is an increased need for services as local people are being pulled into the rising tide of poverty as a result of the pandemic. More than ever, people need supports to stay afloat. These challenging times have revealed how truly important it is to take action against the unignorable issue of poverty.

Local seniors and families who were already struggling to make ends meet, now have to choose between buying groceries or paying rent. People who have lost their jobs and income, individuals struggling with mental health challenges, and survivors who have fled domestic violence are all more vulnerable to being pulled into the rising tide of poverty.

Thankfully, like so many other times before, when our community sees the need, they come together to do local good in ways that are truly inspiring. Neighbours helping neighbours. Families helping families. And strangers helping strangers. That’s what makes us stronger. And that’s what keeps us united.

It’s more important than ever before that we galvanize our collective strength to tackle the growing need with urgency. We need caring community members like you to help individuals and families navigate through this crisis and avoid becoming locked in poverty.

United Way will continue its work to respond to evolving needs as we move towards recovery. As a trusted leader, United Way is able to identify emerging needs and invest in the most effective solutions to address them through its extensive network of partners, collaborators, and community volunteers. We are committed now more than ever to mobilizing collective action and uniting our community to be there for those who are struggling.

By joining the community response to poverty, you can make a tremendous impact on the lives of local people who are struggling. Greater Edmonton, thank you so much for all of your support of these past few months. Let’s continue to work together to do local good for the most vulnerable in our community.

Article submitted by United Way of the Alberta Capital Region.

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