News from the Ledge (December 2020)

An update from the area’s MLAs.

Alberta’s Future: Engaging all Albertans to build an economy for the future.

Lori SigurdsonOur province is in the midst of a generational economic shift. We need a new economic strategy, and we need it now. It’s time for Alberta to forge a new path. That is why the NDP Official Opposition launched

We must act now to build a diversified economy that doesn’t just benefit the wealthiest. We need one that benefits all Albertans.

Our province is in the midst of a historic economic recession and we know that COVID-19 and the crash in the price of oil hit us hard. But, what the UCP government fails to admit is that our economy was crashing well before COVID-19 even hit Alberta.

Premier Jason Kenney’s failed strategy will not bring Alberta out of this recession. The UCP claimed that giving over $4.7-billion dollars to big corporations would create jobs and flood the province with investment. It did not. This corporate handout did nothing but make wealthy corporations wealthier and double the deficit. The economy shrank and 50,000 people lost their jobs. This all happened before COVID-19 hit our province.

That is why the Alberta NDP is creating a brand-new economic strategy that focuses on developing a plan that is built with Albertans from across the province.

Sarah HoffmanWe are looking for input from Albertans across the political spectrum. Together, we will develop ideas regarding how we can build a future that includes renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

At, we will be releasing economic proposals that are open to comments and criticism. Through your feedback, we will develop a strategy that will get unemployed Albertans back to work and create careers that will be in demand well into the future. These proposals will cover a large range of topics, from exploring strategies regarding geothermal and hydrogen industries, to post-secondary and childcare strategies.

Lori, as Official Opposition Critic for Seniors and Housing, will be putting forward a proposal for affordable housing and holding consultations to hear your feedback. It is critical for us to get this right, because not having access to a safe home is a barrier for many to participate in Alberta’s economy. Alberta has the capability to create affordable housing so we can have full participation in our economy, but we need to develop a strategy with all Albertans, including you.

Sarah continues to propose ways to make our schools safer and more supportive for students, staff and families. We launched a 15-point plan and urge the government to take steps to increase physical distancing for students, enhance cleaning and mental health supports, and reduce pressures on school staff. We want our schools to remain open safely. For that to happen, Jason Kenney and the UCP need to address the spread of COVID-19 seriously and support our schools properly.

Collectively, we have published our hydrogen and childcare proposals, which are available on our website. Also, we have opened registration for consultation on many different topics. Please visit Read the proposals and participate in the discussion regarding Alberta’s economic future. As always, we appreciate hearing from you.

MLA Lori Sigurdson
Official Opposition Critic for Seniors and Housing
9202B – 149 Street
Edmonton, T5R 1C3

MLA Sarah Hoffman
Official Opposition Critic for Education
#201, 12408 – 108 Avenue
Edmonton, T5M 0H3

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