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Councillor Andrew Knack

As we get closer and closer to the holiday season, I would like to encourage you all to support local businesses! We are so fortunate to have so many talented local creatives, artisans, chefs, and many more who have dedicated their time to serving our community by starting up businesses here. Through local businesses we have been able to discover new cultures that make up the tapestry of our community.

Every $100 dollars spent at a local business equates to $68 dollars circulated back to Edmonton, contrary to just the $16 dollars that circulates locally when we shop at a chain. Shopping locally needs to become a viable option to help promote the attraction and retention of talent in our region in all sectors. In addition to being great for our local economy, local businesses contribute to a more colourful and unique city-based identity.

Many businesses have learned to adapt to the new realities we are facing by utilizing their online platforms and creating pick-up and take-out options to tailor to everyone’s levels of comfort. Small ways to support mean the world to our local businesses and community which could include buying gift cards or grabbing meals to freeze.

Just on Stony Plain Road alone there is a wide variety of stores and businesses that could cover everyone on your shopping list. A few I would like to highlight are Variant Edition (Comics), Revolution Cycle, Aachy’s Restaurant (excellent samosas), Cafe Neo, Namaste India, Island Grill, and Celebrate Gluten Free. There is also a wide range of thrift and antique stores where you could find some unique treasures.

Andrew Knack
City Councillor – Ward 1

Phone: 780-496-8122
Facebook: @AndrewKnackEdmonton
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