Editorial Guidelines

SPANN (Stony Plain Road and Area News Network) is a print and online communications platform intended to connect communities and enhance a sense of place. It seeks to engage area stakeholders (residents, business owners, and agency representatives) with news and information about the area in a way that positively presents Stony Plain Road/Jasper Place as a location that is desirable to live, work, attend events, dine, and shop. Here are some guidelines for contributors.

Written Submissions: Content

We seek submissions that include

  • A focus on the positive aspects and experiences of the area. 
  • Coverage of area events and places.
  • Reviews of local restaurants.
  • Profiles of local businesses.
  • Stories about local people doing interesting and exciting things.
  • Event listings and news from the local community leagues/groups, agencies, or businesses
  • Reports from local agencies, government representatives, the BIA, and Revitalization.

Written Submissions: Style

  • Articles should be no longer than 400 words.
  • One space between sentences. Like this.
  • Single spacing between lines.
  • Two spaces between paragraphs.
  • Do not indent paragraphs.
  • Use the Oxford comma (A comma after the final item in a list, before the “and”: “A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter.)
  • Numbers one to nine are spelled out. Numbers 10 and above use numerals.


  • Stories should be accompanied by photographs whenever possible.
  • Photos should be high resolution: 300DPI and at least 500KB. Basically, send in your photos from your phone or camera at their largest size.
  • Make sure the Time/Date stamp is turned off in your phone or camera.
  • Avoid using flash whenever possible. Flash can cause red eye and weird colour distortions.
  • Children’s faces should not be visible without permission of a parent/guardian.

All stories/photos that are published in the print edition of the paper are subject to publication on our website and promoted via our social media. Select submissions that are not published in the print edition due to space may be published on our website and social media. All submissions are subject to editing for length, clarity, and suitability. Contact the editor for more information on how to submit.